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Белый снег, серый лёд
на растрескавшейся земле
одеялом лоскутным на ней
город в дорожной петле

а над городом плывут облака
закрывая небесный свет
а над городом чёрный дым
городу две тысячи лет

прожитых под светом звезды - по имени Солнце

и 2 тысячи лет война
война без особых причин
война дело молодых
лекарство против морщин

красная-красная кровь
через час уже просто земля
через 2 на ней цветы и трава
через 3 она снова жива

и согрета лучами звезды - по имени Солнце

и мы знаем что так было всегда
что судьбою больше любим
тот кто живёт по законам другим
и кому умирать молодым

он не знает слово ДА и слово НЕТ
он не помнит ни чинов ни имён
он способен дотянуться до звёзд
не считая что это сон

и упасть опалённый звездой - по имени Солнце

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Переводчик песни: Наталия Баева

Перевод песни


White snowflakes and icy dirt
Cover the cleft-cracked Earth.
As a blanket handmade patchwork
Lies a town in the circle of roads

Above the town are flying the clouds
They are hiding the light from Heaven.
Above the town there is a black smoke
The age of town is 2 thousand years old

Spent under the rays of the star, which people call the Sun

For 2000 years longs bleeding
Keep-fighting without any reasons
The war is a due of young people
Its a drug against the wrinkles

There flows very deep red-scarlet blood
In an hour it becomes just the ground
In 2 hours there're new grass and flowers
In 3 hours its full risen again and alive

It is warmed by the rays of the star which people call the Sun

And we know that it always will be /this way
Our History, Fate and Fortune love the Him
ONE, who lives by the laws of other reality
And who dies in the period of his flowering

He does not know this 2 words the NO and the YES
He does not remember neither ranks nor the names
And he is able to reach for the stars with his hands
Never mind-doubt, that this is just a fantasy

And he falls down adust by the star which people call the Sun

(poetic interpretation)

All 2 thousand years lasts Ever-War
The war without any special reasons
The war is a duty of young MEN
Its a cure like an anti-rides cream

And we know that it always will be
In the Fortune are the most loved heroes
Those who live by the Laws of Different
And who dies young in blossom period

Never know word the NO and denials
Never bow to big ranks and big names
They are able to touch the stars
Never mind it is for sure, not fairy

Falling down adust by the star which people call the Sun
(scorched with the rays)


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